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In the world of web development the word CMS stands for content management system. CMS is an application that provides capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to manage content, data or information of a website project, or internet / intranet application.
Different types of CMS :

  • Web Content Management

  • Document Management

  • Records Management

  • Collaboration including Web 2.0 (Forums, Blogs)

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Portal Content Management

  • Enterprise Content Management (all off the above)

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What You Can Create
Using a CMS Platform

A lot of people think that CMSs are just for blogging. It’s true that some of the best CMS platforms were originally built with blogging in mind. However, a lot of them have evolved to the point where they’re now highly customizable. WordPress, for example, powers around 30% of the entire web.

The truth is that CMSs these days are so flexible that you can use them for almost any type of project you want. However, they’re ideal for websites built around content creation and sharing. That means you can use them to create simple blogs, tutorial websites, portfolios, news sites, and more. With the right tools, you can even tackle more advanced web projects using a CMS, such as online stores, private membership sites, and forums.


What Features the Best CMS Should Include

Content editor

An easy-to-use content editor should be one of the main features for every modern CMS platform

Core functionality

A CMS platform needs to deliver what it promises. Its core functionality to help you manage (create, add, delete) your content should be performed without any problems.

Design flexibility and mobile support

The control you need in your CMS platforms defines the design flexibility that you’ll need. If you want to use an existing template or theme for your pages then you want to check at the platforms providing a starting point for you.

User management

Chances are that there will be multiple people using your CMS platform. From the writer to the marketer and the SEO professional to the IT support, you want to make sure that everyone is assigned the right role in the platform.

Third-party integrations and plugins

A great CMS platform doesn’t have to provide everything natively. It should be able to work along with the best partners though to provide the key integrations that will transform your content.